OpenHMS Common Utilities

OpenHMS Common Utilities is a collection of code commonly used by other OpenHMS projects. There are several different bits of functionality included here:


Simple classes for 'tuples' of one, two, or three objects, useful for returning multiple values from a method without having to define a new class.


A set of classes that enhance java.lang.Apendable by allowing objects to append themselves directly to an Appendable, instead of using intermediate CharSequence objects.


An exception class that allows the server side of a remote call to wrap exceptions whose classes may be unknown to the client, in order to avoid causing ClassNotFoundExceptions on the client side.


Configurable factory which makes it very simple to construct objects reflectively. Very useful for dynamic frameworks which load classes based on configuration files.

URL Protocol Handler for Classpath Resources

A utility that allows you to refer to classpath resources using a URL, like 'resource:/path/to/file'.