Welcome to OpenHMS
OpenHMS brands a collection of open source projects developed by Health Market Science. This is a robust collection of development libraries, APIs, and tools oriented around data manipulation and professional software development. Unless otherwise mentioned, the latest versions of these projects are licensed under the Apache License (older versions of the projects may be licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, see the announcement below).
Brand New License, Same Great Software!
Due to the generosity of Health Market Science and the efforts of the Apache Tika project, the OpenHMS projects have been relicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the latest versions as of April 2015.
Jackcess is a pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases. It provides a robust, cross-platform backend API allowing other developers to integrate MS Access support into their Java applications.
RMIIO is a library which makes it as simple as possible to stream large amounts of data using the RMI framework (or any RPC framework for that matter). Who needs this? Well, if you have ever needed to send a file from an RMI client to an RMI server, you have faced this problem. Due to the design of RMI, this common and deceptively simple problem is actually quite difficult to solve in an efficient and robust manner. The RMIIO library was written to fill in this missing gap in the RMI framework by providing some very powerful classes enabling a client to stream data to a server using only a few extra lines of code.
SqlBuilder is a library which attempts to take the pain out of generating SQL queries within Java programs. Using one programming language (Java) to generate code for another language (i.e. SQL) is always a challenge. There are always issues with escaping characters within string literals, getting spaces in the right place, and getting the parentheses to match up. SqlBuilder changes that whole scenario by wrapping the SQL syntax within very lightweight and easy to use Java objects which follow the "builder" paradigm (similar to StringBuilder). This changes many common SQL syntactical, runtime errors into Java compile-time errors!
OpenHMS Common Utilities is a collection of useful bits of code used by other OpenHMS projects. This project is meant to be complimentary with Apache Commons.
Releases for all OpenHMS Java projects are available directly from the ibiblio maven2 repository.
Repository Information
Access to the OpenHMS project repositories is available both online and via any subversion client.
The OpenHMS SourceForge project is a great place to start if you are looking to contribute to one of the projects. There you can get linked into the OpenHMS community using the forums, bug trackers and mailing lists. If you are looking to get more directly involved, you can contact any of the project administrators.